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November Wrap-Up

Well, I started out the month of November with high hopes for accomplishing a lot of reading, and it all kind of... fizzled. But I think I managed to get some quality reading in, and I know there were some blog posts that I enjoyed making.

I managed to finish five books this month, which was way off from my hopeful estimations at the beginning of the month. I reviewed four of them, and a review of the fifth may yet be coming. They are

The fifth book was The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason. I really should review it, especially since I want to get into the habit of reviewing everything I read. But I haven't yet.

I was also very fortunate to host my very first author visit in November. I had the pleasure of hosting Dianne Ascroft, the author of Hitler and Mars Bars. She shared her thoughts on war and the role it played within her novel. Considering that the post was a few short days before Veterans' Day here in the United States, it was certainly relevant.

In their own way, each of the books I read was very good. But I think my pick for the best book I read in November has to go to Thirteen Reasons Why. For me, it was the most powerful book I've read all year. Maybe it's because of how strongly I relate to Clay and the horrific situation he finds himself in, or the raw nerve that it strikes for me. But none of the others, not even Living Dead Girl, came close to touching me the way this book did.

I stand firm in my belief that older teen girls need to read Living Dead Girl, though. As should parents. And I think ALL teenagers need to read Thirteen Reasons Why. It's incredibly important to be aware of how you behave and the things you say.

For the month of December, I really just have one goal: I want to read 6 books. That's all I have left in my goal for 50 books for the year. And I would really hate to get so close and come up short.
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