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It's All About Me!

One of the best things about book blogging is the chance to meet other people who love to read as much as I do. I'm learning which bloggers have similar tastes to me. Some bloggers make me laugh, others inspire me to try out new books and authors. And over time I feel like I know you all, just because I've read and enjoyed your blogs so much. But sometimes I worry that my own personality doesn't come through very well, so I wanted to take a few minutes and tell those of you who read this blog about me.

My name is Shauna, and I am a lifelong California girl. I'm currently in my mid-twenties, and am finishing up my BA in History. I minored in English, which pretty much leads everyone to one conclusion: "So you want to be a teacher, then?" This is, of course, erroneous. I love my chosen subjects very much, but nothing about them inspires me to shut myself in a classroom with 20 or 30 children for hours a day. I know teachers are important; I've had several excellent teachers over the years. I do not have the patience to be one.

Instead, my love of books has led me to a different field: the public library. I'm a part-time library assistant at the small public library here in my hometown. Though I've only been at this library for four months, I've been in the library field for more than three years now, and I know that this is where I want to be. I love being able to help people find the right books, whether they're looking for non-fiction and information, or just a nice story to curl up with for an evening.

In spite of, or maybe because of the history major, most of my "fun" reading is fiction. I don't read much genre fiction, with the exception of historical fiction. I occasionally read mysteries, but most of my reading is literary fiction. I also read a lot of young adult fiction. There are some really excellent books and stories coming out in the young adult age level, so I try not to discriminate just because the books are aimed at teenagers (though there are some really poorly written novels and series aimed at young adults; I think some of the things being published for young adults are downright toxic). But literary and historical fiction really are my first two choices when it comes to reading material. I do read some non-fiction, but not a lot. Most of my non-fiction reading is about history, though I am starting to dive into memoirs bit by bit.

In the great battle of Plot vs. Character, I am Team Character all the way. I can excuse plot holes if I'm invested in the characters, but I cannot excuse flat, lifeless, or cardboard characters, no matter how strong the plot. Ideally, I like a combination of the two, but if I have to live with just one, I'd rather have characters than plot.

When I review books, I try to provide a summary of the book in my own words; these are usually poorly written. I also try to explain why I loved (or didn't love, as the case may be) the book, and what connection, if any, I felt to the book. Even if I didn't care for a book, I always try to highlight something positive about it; more on my reviewing policy can be found here.

Well, I hope that gives you a little bit of insight into who I am. Please feel free to comment with any questions; I love getting comments!

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